So I was listening to Whatever Happens and I thought of this video and how I always get a lil horny when I see this part haaaaaaaaaaa


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Lau being hilarious- Les Twins Workshop 1 Dubai By: TheAmandaProudfoot

4:26 min long video of our bebe being adorably funny ☺

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Thank you Dubai, thank you X

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fmdriving IG - taking a selfie on our phone ;)

fmdriving IG - taking a selfie on our phone ;)

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"Crazyyyyyy party but bullshit music lol but crazy party …but bullshit music …but" ~From Lau’s Insta

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Les Twins Workshop + Freestyle Dancers in Dubai By: JustAbood

15:51 min long video.  Based on the first few seconds it is very much worth my time to watch this video.  Look at Larry’s super clear beautiful face ☺

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richlistcars IG 

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saraindubai IG

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